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Teressa Valla: Artist in Residence

February 3rd, 2020 About Arthouse
Teressa Valla: Artist in Residence

Teressa Valla joins Arthouse Hotel New York City as its first Artist in Residence. Three of her paintings are displayed exclusively throughout the hotel’s communal spaces, a creative enclave for the community. The first piece titled “Morphing Eternity” (48” x 48”) is oil on wood composed from pigments and elemental materials. The second piece titled “Garcia Lorca Love” (18”x 24”) is oil on canvas composed from pigment, and elemental materials. Lastly, “Timeless Promenade” (14” x 11”) is an oil stick pastel on paper and the third addition to the new collection. Each piece stands on its own while relating to each other through gesture, nature motifs and the use of the color red.

Growing up in Vermont, Teressa Valla experienced a strong connection to earth at a young age, and this bond with nature has served as a stimulus and source of comfort, both personally and artistically. Teressa also began dancing in her early childhood, contributing to her fascination with fluidity in the human shape and nature. Teressa’s work can best be described as a reverence to humanity, movement, space, life, and the unity of them all. Her painting, sculpture, and photography illuminate the harmony of nature and urbanity and the musical lyricism that connects them.

Inspired by the creative community and artistic culture that abounds in the Upper West Side and New York City, Arthouse Hotel New York City provides a space for guests to gather and collaborate through arts focused programming; marrying comfort with cutting-edge design, sophisticated style, whimsical fun, and a great art collection. Teressa continues to live in the neighborhood and create a block away from Central Park. Her work is in the permanent collections of The Library of Congress, The Museum of the City of New York, Tribes Gallery, New England Center for Contemporary Art, The New York and now Arthouse Hotel.